Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tales of Abyssal Horror and Fantasy

I have conjured this blog to subject you to the overflow of horrific and fantastic imagery that pours from my mind, like the deep crimson blood from a gaping wound. They may spook you, they may terrify you, they may even give you nightmares. All hope abandon, ye who readeth here.

I have aspired to be an author for a little more than a decade now, but only recently have I been writing as often as I can. It really began about a year ago, when I suddenly got some great ideas for a dark fantasy book. Well, actually, a trilogy. But as I began to outline, write, and edit the stories, the ideas multiplied, and I ended up having plans for a seven book series. Now, I know that is an enormous aspiration for any writer, especially one that is just starting out, which I consider myself to be. And that is why I have started writing short stories - to hone my skills and master the craft, so that I can create those novels.

After discovering the twisted mind of H. P. Lovecraft, I came up with more ideas than I could possibly write down, and they just keep coming and coming. I have started to write these stories, inspired by his works, and it is here that I will post them as they are completed. The series is called The Horrors From the Chthonic Depths, and it details the releasing of mindless, daemonic deities from their prisons deep within the unfathomable gulfs of the Underworld. They were once imprisoned by the ancient Greek gods long ago, but now - through necromancy, witchcraft, and daemonology - they arise to wreak havoc and destroy the world.

I have started the first novel of my seven-book saga, and have three chapters finished. I am currently working on chapters four and five, and it is going well, although I try to focus more on the short stories. The title of the first book is The Ministry of Lost Souls, and I will post the first chapter to give you a small taste of what it will be like. I have also written a novella which branches from this series, titled The Fellowship of the Whispering Dark, and hope to publish that in a book of short stories once I complete enough of them.

I will also be posting other dark fantasy, horror, and science fiction stories, and anything else that may arouse harrowing and fearful feelings inside you. Beware the shadows, for there is where all evil lurks...

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